One of the questions most collectors ask all the time is what is that card worth? I’m sure we have all asked that question. I myself would also wonder what that card was worth and would always check price guides. Growing up I collected cards from all the 4 major sports during the so called junk era. Now as a dad with 4 kids and I wife I don’t have that much time to focus on collecting.

Recently a good friend of mine got me hooked into collecting baseball cards again. I lasted for a little bit but my interest went away very fast. The one desire that stayed with me is the collecting part of the hobby. My growing interest in the NHL has me now starting to collect hockey cards. I have a few cards from when I was collecting in the 90’s but nothing crazy.

Even though my daughter is now 3 months cancer free the distraction of collecting is helping with the anxiety of constantly worrying to make sure she is ok. As an adult I really don’t Care what that card is worth. I am starting the enjoy what the hobby is really about just collecting. Collecting your favorite player or team.

If your a collector try not to forget about what the card collecting hobby is all about. Its about collecting not making money. I know there are a large amount of people that all they care about are making a quick buck. Just have fun and enjoy the hobby.

The card in the below photo isn’t worth much but the countless memories it brings to me is priceless.  Going to the local shop with my friend to see if we get lucky to pull one. Getting excited finally having this card when he signs with the Flyers. Those memories alone are ones that I will cherish for a lifetime which are much better then making a few extra dollars.8R1B8961

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